We specialize in the production of flavours and plant extracts that enrich the smell and taste of food products.
Our products range also includes functional pre-mixes used for food fortification.
As the first company in Poland, we obtained the certificate to produce natural flavours and BIO plant extracts.

Knowledge, experience and quality guarantee

Our products range is more than just a list of ready products.

To our business partners, we provide proprietary recipes based on our own know-how.
Many years of experience resulted in the creation of both classic standards and innovative taste concepts following trends.
Through optimum selection of ingredients, we guarantee high quality and repeatability of our food additives range.

We provide support

We provide technological and legislative support.
We work with our customers on projects based on mutual trust, built on many years of experience and common achievements.
Our objective is the market success of our business partners and satisfaction with the co-operation with our company.

Tradition and experience

We are a Polish company with many years of experience on the market of additives for the food industry.

Our company has been established in 1991.
Małgorzata Rogiewicz, the owner of the company, and her husband started the business in the distribution of flavours.
In the following years, in response to the needs of Polish manufacturers in the food industry, our team of specialists started working on proprietary recipes based on our own know-how.