Information about Cookies

How to turn off cookies?

Many webpages save on your computer or smartphone, which is used to connect to the internet, files called „Cookies”. They are stored in a browser’s (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and other) cache. Most of the time cookies are quite useful. Thanks to them, your individual settings are saved and you can log on to your e-mail. Thanks to cookies, web developers are aware how many users connect to their websites, what they do and do not read. Information gathered by cookies may also be used for marketing purposes. For example, if you visit websites about books often, you will end up seeing more bookstores ads. Thankfully, if you believe that cookies violate your privacy, you may switch them off at any time – for a certain webpage or for all connections.

Mozilla Firefox

In “Settings” menu, choose “Options”, and then ”Privacy”. This web browser gives you the opportunity to choose if you don’t want to be followed at all or just deleting certain cookies for different websites.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

In “Settings” menu choose „Internet options” and then „Privacy”. With a special slider you can set the level of privacy or choose „Websites” to manage settings for a specific web site.

Google Chrome

In menu (hidden under 3 horizontal bars in the upper right corner of the browser) choose „Settings” and then „Advanced Settings”. There you can clear or change cookie files for certain webpages.


Click the „Opera” button in the upper left corner, open the menu, choose „Settings” and then „Clear history”. Besides the ability to delete cookies, there’s a button “Manage Cookies” that lets you choose advanced options for certain sites.

Apple Safari

In „Safari” menu, choose „Preferences” and then „Privacy”. There you will find a number of options concerning cookies